Summer is here and it’s time to make your property beautiful. An aerial lift can be the perfect addition to help get your landscaping jobs done quicker.

What is an Aerial Lift?

An aerial lift is a machine that can help you access areas that are too high to reach. There are several different kinds of aerial lifts to choose from but for landscaping purposes, it’s best to use an articulating boom lift, telescopic boom and telehandlers.

Using an Articulating Boom Lift to Trim Trees

An articulating boom lift is great for reaching higher elevations. It’s a type of crane that uses hydraulic cylinders to move up and down and in any direction without having to lower the basket first. The articulating boom lift has the best flexibility, making this lift the best for trimming tall trees. The articulating boom is also great for getting into tight work spaces where most machines can’t fit.

Telescopic Boom for Big Landscaping Jobs

For landscaping jobs that cover more ground, the telescopic boom lift is perfect for getting things done quickly. The telescopic boom can be operated from the work platform (even when fully extended), eliminating the need for a second person to help operate. This kind of lift has a reach of over 140 feet and offers the most horizontal reach of any other aerial lift. With a wide horizontal range, the telescopic boom lift can be used to trim trees that are further away from each other without having to lower the basket and move the entire lift.

Telehandlers for Carrying Landscaping Materials

Aerial lifts aren’t just used for trimming high trees. The telehandler forklift is great for loading up landscaping materials for big jobs. Used mostly for construction and masonry, this forklift can carry 8,000 to 10,000 pound loads such as stones, rocks, mulch and other landscaping materials. Reaching up to six stories high, the telehandler forklift is a versatile piece of machinery that makes landscaping a synch.

Aerial lifts aren’t just for construction and demolition. Using boom lifts for landscaping is a great way to get big jobs done quickly. Make sure you’re picking the right kind of aerial lift for the job. To help find the best lift for you, check out Coast 2 Coast Equipment’s wide selection of new and used boom lifts and forklifts. We also offer a variety of new and used man lifts for sale for any kind of heavy duty job.