Tips for Buying Used Lift Equipment

Areal lifts can be used in many different industrial areas, public works and construction work. If you are in the market for an aerial lift, you may be considering purchasing a used aerial lift. Check out the tips below.

Now is not the time to be cheap. Saving a few hundred dollars will certainly make you feel more comfortable when making a large purchase. However; it can sometimes turn out to be more of a problem moving forward if the used lift is in poor condition. Make sure to always find and meet a reputable dealer and discuss with them your requirements in order to get the best piece of equipment for your needs.

Regular maintenance. Aerial lifts are used for all kinds of heavy load bearing or mechanical hauling jobs. Just like other industrial equipment, regular maintenance is essential for areal lifts. Maintenance should include hydraulic fluid and oil changes, as well as an annual inspection. Routine check-ups and regular maintenances are especially necessary if you go with the used aerial lift option.

Look at user modifications. Make sure to pay attention to the details before purchasing your lift. The previous owner may have done modifications with the equipment by cutting, welding, or changing the railings or bucket walls. You must pay detailed attention to the modifications made to the equipment! Make sure these modifications fit your needs.

Look at the odometer. One of the first things to do is to check the odometer or hour meter. This is how you will know the real age of the machine! Miles mean more that the actual age of the aerial lift.

Measure! One of the most important things to consider is the size requirements. Make sure to measure the areas where the lift will need to navigate. This includes aisles, doorways, overhead clearances, and any other restricted areas the machine will move through. And, don’t forget to bring your measuring tape when shopping for your used aerial lift!