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Using aerial lifts are a great choice to make your work easier. However; worksites that utilize aerial lifts are prone to accidents that happen due to many factors. Operators and foremen should make sure that they follow our advice below when it comes to aerial lift safety.

  • Always ensure that the wheels of the lift are on a concrete base. Do not exceed the load limit, which may in turn lead to the overturning of the vehicle.
  • Foremen should ensure that their operators are well trained and appropriately licensed.
  • Mechanical, hydraulic and electrical safety devices should never be overridden. Operators should always keep the manufacturer’s instructions in mind, and should not climb or sit on the edge or the rails of the basket.
  • If you have to do any repair work, always ensure that the machine is free from any load.

Apart from the basic safety measures above, there are other tips to be kept in mind while the lift is being operated in order to ensure the safety of others on the worksite:

  • Take extra care while you are driving on an elevated platform. Here the speed needs to be raised along with maintaining distance from the others.
  • Maintain a considerable distance with the other vehicles that are moving on the road. There may be times when you have to stop abruptly, so if you are a safe distance from other vehicles, collisions can be prevented.
  • Make sure EVERYONE on the worksite wears proper safety attire including hard hats and reflective vests.
  • Always ensure that the load has been put properly on the lift, and that there are no chances for it to fall off. This may injure you as well as other people below.
  • Maintain a good distance from any overhead lines that may be near.
  • Give clear indicators before you turn and make sure there are no moving or parked vehicles in your way.
  • Do not allow other workers to sit or stand between the overhead hazards like beams joists, and the rails of the basket. Any movement with the basket could trap workers and they could be crushed between the overhead object and the rails.
  • See that your aerial lift is not carrying more people than is allowed. Being the operator, this can distract you and can lead to unnecessary accidents.
  • Be extra careful while you are dealing with speed bumps on the road. These can misbalance the entire lift as well as the load.

We hope these tips will help you on your next big job! Also, take a look at our aerial lift selection to see if any are right for your needs.